A Halloween Treat

Good Enough to Eat

Yummy! Taffy Apples ©2008 Bo Mackison

Anyone remember (you know – back in the good ol’ days) when homemade goodies were the norm for Halloween treating. I wasn’t allowed to wander too far in my trick-or-treating adventures – just a few neighbors and relatives – but I always came home with taffy apples, orange food-colored popcorn balls, and caramels fresh from someone’s kitchen. Yum!

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  1. I haven’t seen these in ages!!! These were the absolutely best part of Halloween. These – and the smell of autumn leaves burning! Thanks for the reminder of the good ol’ days!!!

  2. Very pretty capture! For me, autumn and caramel apples go together. They were selling these at the circus last week. I haven’t eaten a caramel apple in years! 🙂

  3. Great shot, that reminds me, I haven’t had a caramel apple yet this fall:)

  4. Sadly those days are long gone. Beautiful photo. Tasty treats!

  5. I’d like to have a bite or two of one of those apples. They look great. Did you make them?

  6. That looks really, really good.

    And those old fashioned treats sound delicious.

  7. Yes, I think we’re all poorer because the days of homemade treats are all but gone. THere was just so much that was special about those “goodies”!

  8. Oh wow…those look delicious!!

  9. I’ll take two, please!

  10. I’m hungry. Very yummy shot. 🙂

  11. lady.percy says:

    Mm. Those look great. Fresh caramel apples are always a good treat.

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