Barbed Wire – Barrier Series, The Beginning

This post is the first in my photo/story series on my journey of healing and recovery. See the introduction and complete series at My Healing Journey.

Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire Barrier  © 2012 Bo Mackison

“Your life with its immensity and fear . . . is alternately stone in you and star.” ~ Rainer Maria Rilke, from the poem Evening

Before there was a beginning, before the crisis and a diagnosis, there was a dream.

I see the world. It is there. When I reach up, I reach into the cool air. When I look up, I see a bright blue, cloud scattered skies. Yet the world is beyond my reach. In this dream I have repeatedly, I’m trapped in a tiny enclosure, an enclosure tall on four sides, but open to the sky. I struggle to  unlock the gate. When I try to move forward, I’m blocked by a cold steel fence and chain-link wire. Barbed wire adds an extra degree of isolation.

Barbed wire – a common fence, a stereo-typical barrier.

And then I am no longer dreaming. I am living my life in slow-motion, denying there is a problem.

I know I am in a separate place. I cannot reach out to my family and friends, I cannot communicate with them. They are on the other side of the barrier, and even if I managed a whisper, no one can hear me.

I am cast in fear, held down by a weighted stone. My only relief is a connection, however slight, to the natural world. When I look out the window, it is snowy and cold, but I do look up at the sky. I can always see the sky.

The human spirit focuses on that which is beyond vision.

         — based on journal entries, October 1990.

Part 2: Boarded Window.

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  1. Powerful words to go with the image that perfectly reflects the words.

  2. Most definitely a powerful image.

  3. I’m sort of speechless here…. So deeply powerful and moving.

  4. This is so moving and so powerful, Bo, I don’t know what to say/write.

  5. Even if there isn’t a clear reaction with words, there is an internal reaction. Image and words together make a statement that affects the heart. Very thought provoking as well.

    • Bo Mackison says:

      I find I am often inspired by a photograph, opens a door to a different creative process, then the words follow.

  6. Bo, I have no words for what you have gone thru in the past. I have words for where you have emerged. You are an artist! Bravo for having the strength to get to your now.

    • Bo Mackison says:

      Thank you, Dick. I am thankful to be living in my now. I am the person and artist I am today, it is a culmination of my past.

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