Bleeding Hearts and Memories

Bleeding Hearts

Bleeding Hearts

This is the very bleeding heart plant I loved as a child. Returning to my hometown to tie up loose ends this week, I made a stop at my childhood home.

Each Spring my grandmother and I would eagerly watch this plant from the back porch, awaiting the blooming of the little hearts. Today I made an unplanned visit to the old house and found the bleeding hearts blooming bravely, standing amidst all the old memories.

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  1. Visiting old places and those memories popping up, makes ones heart ache….

    Beautiful shot though!

  2. There is nothing quite like flowers for date stamping a time and place

  3. This is a flower/plant I haven’t see before. Unusual and beautiful.

    I bet, Bo, you could write a poignant poem to go with this lovely you had written: “unplanned visit to the old house and found the bleeding hearts blooming bravely, standing amidst all the old memories.” Beautiful…

  4. cool looking flowers. nice focus and framing

  5. jeanabaena says:

    i like how the last flower is leaning against the leaf

  6. This is a really beautiful shot! Bleeding heart beautiful bloom, captivates my heart! Look forward to some advices to capture such life-like beauty.

  7. This plant has always held memories for me too, going back into the 40’s when my mother had them growing around my childhood home. We planted one here too not long after we moved in and it is now a mature and gives us beautiful blossoms every year. At the moment though ours are only about 4 inches up and far from blooming yet.

  8. Beautiful shot and memory. 🙂

  9. I just love this shot and the story behind it, Bo. Really very beautiful.

  10. so lovely…

  11. All your photos are gorgeous–and this post is so poignant. Happy GTS,

  12. Very beautiful, and the words that go with it, too.

  13. Nicole ~ it’s hard to go back that far in time, even under the best of circumstances.

    UHDD ~ it is amazing how a plant can take you back to a specific moment in time.

    Anna ~ thanks, they are pretty common in the Midwest, at least, and a rather old fashioned plant. Maybe they are out of fashion now – never see new pantings, just the old ones.

    jpt and jeanne ~ thanks for visiting. do you remember this plant, Jeanne?

  14. Chrisy ~ they really do speak volumes, these little heart blooms.

    montucky ~ they’ll be in blossom before you know it

    robin, amy, susan ~ thanks, flowers really capture memories and hold them pretty tight.

    aiyana ~ thanks, happy GTS too

    ybonesy ~ thanks, I’ll be in touch soon.

  15. Lovely flowers, and you capture the soul of the Bleeding Heart wonderfully. Each flower is hanging, twisting the wind, vulnerable to the outside. Beautiful and delicate are they.

  16. Wow, such amazing flowers! Thanks for sharing these with us!

  17. cindydyer says:

    Your dogwood flowers and bleeding heart photos are just beautiful. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for your comments on my blog. I have a main blog,, where I post non-garden-related stuff as well (although alot of it IS gardening!). Your sherpa sounds as supportive as MY sherpa! If you don’t mind, I’d like to add your blog to my blogroll!

  18. maria Hopkins says:

    Your beautiful photo of the bleeding hearts reminds me that I used to have several plants at my last home, but I forgot to plant some in my new yard. I’ll have to get to the nursery and buy some plants. Your words about your memories are very sentimental and poetic. I agree with whoever suggested that you write a poem to go with your photo.

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