Bright Lights, Action, Camera

Ferris Wheel and Arcades

Ferris Wheel and Arcades © 2008 Bo Mackison

The Dane County Fair was held this weekend. There were plenty of opportunities for night carnival shots and long exposures. I’ve never tried this kind of photography, so I was lucky to arrange to meet up with a group of Madison photographers. They were kind enough to give me some on-the-spot assistance.

Lights Action Camera

Lights Action Camera © 2008 Bo Mackison

The Queen of the Midway was the ferris wheel, and I found it hard not to stop for “just one more shot” whenever we walked through the carnival rides.

Carnival in Lights

Carnival in Lights © 2008 Bo Mackison

I wasn’t willing to get on this whirly ride, but I had fun shooting it as it went through its gyrations.

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  1. Interesting shots, Bo. They turned out well.

  2. Fantastic shots, Bo.

  3. HeyJules says:

    Love those first two! I wish we’d get something like that around here so I could have some fun!

  4. Beautiful night shots

  5. Wow!!!! I really like these night carnival shots. Great whirly ride shot captured in a long exposure. My favorite is the middle photo of the ferris wheel because of the colors and texture within the backdrop of night. Excellent!

  6. WOW! I can go to an amusement park and not feel nauseous. The colors are fantastic. Really nice!

  7. Gandalf says:

    I like the last one best, but they’re all very intereting. The second Ferris Wheel is pretty neat because of the concentric color circles.

  8. Ooh, great pics!!!

  9. Great shots from the carnival/fair. Very colorful and they captured the flavor very well.

  10. Now I can hardly wait for the carnival to come to town. I’ll be there with my camera and your great shots in mind.

  11. These are lovely – great catches!

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