Sometimes You Take the Photo…

Amazing What you See when You Get Off the Highway

...and Ask No Questions

For the curious, found at Set in Stone, a lovely coffee shop/Wisconsin gifts and products shop/book store/ wine shop and fibre studio located in Mineral Point Wisconsin. A lovely place to browse and pick up a few gifts while sipping a scrumptious chai tea.

Zen Bench

On a Quiet Village Street

On a Quiet Village Street

We drove to Mineral Point today, a town a good hour away from Madison, and pleasingly filled with galleries and such stores. The town is old, very old by Wisconsin’s standards, and many of the homes and buildings are built with huge quarried stone, a lovely golden yellow in color. Though I chose to go with the black and white photograph of the stone bench. I loved all the lines and all the tones in the photo. It’s a solid piece of stone work, though on a day like this which feels close to true winter, with temperatures hovering near the freezing mark, there remained a bit of ice on the bench. Not even a steady show of the sun melted all the icy slush. Has a peaceful feel though. Nice.

How Fast is a Baby Tiger?



So fast, only her stripes are left!

Amur Tiger Cub

5 months old and full of energy

5 months old and full of energy

Day 3 of the Best of ’09 Challenge. Today’s challenge is to write about the best article I read in 2009. I read a lot. Hard to pick one article, but I did enjoy an article on the Laughing Yoga.

And today I found myself laughing at the antics of a pair of tiger cubs. Yes, laughing is great medicine for whatever ails you.

Now about those tiger cubs. This is one of two females born on July 8, 2009. The cubs, recently named Tula and Nuri, were born at the Milwaukee County Zoo in Wisconsin. They are now old enough to be making regular appearances in their indoor exhibit every day.

The name Tula is from the South African language, isiZulu, and means “quiet.”  Nuri means “my flame” and is Hebrew.

After watching the two cubs play and interact for nearly an hour this morning, I am guessing that the cub in the photograph is Nuri – if she is living up to the meaning of her name. She spent most of the time chasing her sister, and when the other cub finally dropped in her tracks to take a nap, Nuri took a few pounces on her sleeping sister. Tula turned her back on the more rambunctious cub, and Nuri posed – briefly – before taking another pounce towards her watchful mother.

Eatin’ Fries at the Shake shack



Day 2 of the Best of ’09 Challenge. Today’s post and photograph – the Best Restaurant Moment.

We were eating at the Shake Shack in New York City, located just across the street from Central Park. We were all dressed in our best, and on our way to the Lincoln Center to attend my older daughter’s graduation from Brooklyn Law School. She had wanted to stop at one of her favorite places for lunch before the hours-long ceremony. It was a sunny day in early June and summer held forth promises of delight and beauty for the next three months. We were all in high spirits.

After we had our fill of fries, burgers and shakes, we strolled through a crowded Central Park on our walk to the Lincoln Center. The  graduation ceremony went on without further ado, J took the Bar Review and studied for most of the summer, then took and passed the Bar in New York and New Jersey. Today she attends the first of her two swearing in ceremonies.

All good stuff, and to think — all that celebrating started with a few golden fries and the best burger in town.