House Asunder – A Mandala & The Poetry It Inspired

House Asunder @ 2016 Bo Mackison

House Asunder @ 2016 Bo Mackison

Sometimes, after I create a mandala, I look and I see a story. Or in this case, a story written through poetry.

House Asunder

Split asunder, this house of me.
Unholy and discordant, I search old bones
for moments caught — oh tenuous, the breakthrough —
the scour of memory for treasure once shiny
bright and ribbon wrapped.

In the rubble, ladders suspended, the route out
is unclear. Heart explosions are messy affairs.

Yet shimmers cannot be denied, light still flickers
on splinters and shards. Whose task is this?
The putting together of that which has come apart?


Playing with the practice of combining mandala making and poetry writing,  part of an online workshop I’m creating that meld words, vision and place. Details coming soon!


There is Always an AND… (A Writing Prompt)

There is always an AND... ©2016 Bo Macksion

There is always an AND… ©2016 Bo Mackison

In life’s equations, there is always an AND.

“I feel excited to be working on a new online experience I will be sharing soon AND I am a bit nervous.”

“I am happy that summer is slipping into cooler autumn times AND I am sad to see the length of each day grow shorter.”

“I feel both brave and afraid. I feel both strong and weak. I feel both crazy and sane. I feel both wise and foolish.”

Where does the and show up in your life’s equations?



Blessed Be the Night People – A Mandala

© 2016 Bo Mackison

Blessed Be the Night People © 2016 Bo Mackison

A mandala for insomniacs.

Blessed be the night
people, awake and listening
to starsong by moonlight.

Shine A Light


Working on my soon-to-be-offered workshop.

I’m practicing shining a light into the shadows.


Mandala as Container – Overall Theme


Star Shine © 2016 Bo Mackison

Last in the series of 5 mandalas I created after naming “creative path” as my intention. Each morning for five days I paired a mandala with a Desert Wisdom Card, and then reflected on a question. I followed this with a free write keeping the intention “creative path” in mind.





Explore and bring awareness to the energy of the night.

In the night, in the dark, the cosmos born, swirling energy, awakening.

Infinite possibility, infinite opportunity to create, this emerges from the dark times of the soul, from the energy of chaos.

Creation does not begin in light. Creation begins in the dark, emerges from darkness, from nothingness, from the void.

The grandest of transitions — from chaos, the cosmos is born. From darkness, comes energy.


This writing practice is a part of my #contemplativecreativesjourney.