Companions – A Car and A Truck

Red Truck and Gray Dodge - For Sale

Red Truck and Gray Dodge – For Sale © 2008 Bo Mackison

Taking a short cut through the center of Door County, traveling from our campground on Lake Michigan to the Green Bay side, we passed these once handsome vehicles. Without a doubt, they would have been real beauties in their hey-day. Now they both appear to be in search of new owners.

Looking for similar cars, I found this 1939 Dodge Luxury Liner Deluxe D-11 4-door Sedan. Sure looks similar, even the same color! What a looker that car was brand new! I can just imagine riding along the streets of Chicago, dressed to the T in a tailored suit influenced a bit by masculine apparel, a tipped hat and  nylons just introduced that very year. Why, my suit may have even had one of those new, modern zippers! (Pretty fancy name for the car – hmmm? Not only luxury, but deluxe, too!)

I didn’t have as much luck looking for a comparable truck. I narrowed it down to one of the early 1940s models – I think. But it still must have been grand to zoom around in a shiny red truck, especially after the work chores were done. Tooling through the Door in a snazzy truck, making a Saturday night ruckus!

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  1. nice shot, the colors go well together

  2. You know, when I was a kid, my folks had a car just like that. I don’t know about the model, but it was a ’39 Dodge and we used to go camping in it. Your photo brought back some pleasant memories!

  3. Chris Osborne says:

    We had some old stuff like that int he backyard of the house we just bought. They were cool, but I was glad when they left because not only did they not run, they weren’t ours. Seeing them made me want them.

  4. Nice shot on the old vehicles. I like these for a they portray a story all of their own. Anna and I have toyed with the idea of getting one just like your Dodge Sedan pictured here, to place in our yard. Don’t know what the city would think. Could be fun.

  5. Hi! Very interesting picture of the antique vehicles.


  6. Gandalf says:

    I’m always intrigued by old forgotten cars. They are waiting like puppies or kittens to be adopted and made whole.

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