Daydreaming in The Garden Room

Taliesin West - Garden Room

Taliesin West – Garden Room

I would like to be relaxing in this room – right this very moment! Maybe with a book in hand, or a notebook filled with words that flowed easily from mind to paper, and so now my writing project is neatly done.

Maybe I’m drinking an iced tea, or even better, indulging in a fudge brownie and a glass of cold milk. And while I’m daydreaming, I’ll go all out – the sunlight is streaming through the windows, and warming my face. Warming my soul.

A Nice Place to Relax

A Nice Place to Relax

Say, this is a daydream, right? Maybe Mr. Wright will walk through the door, in an amiable and expansive mood, and share a few of his theories on architecture, or better yet, tell stories of the happenings of his boyhood, about the land he lived on and loved, and where he built the other Taliesin, the home and studio where he spent his summers, Taliesin in Spring Green, Wisconsin.

Taliesin West, Scottsdale Arizona

Blue Seating in the Garden Room

This is in the Garden Room at Taliesin West, Mr. Wright’s winter home and studio on Scottsdale, Arizona. It’s a sprawling complex, now the winter home for the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture. The school moves east to summer in Wisconsin from May through October, just as Wright and his family did when they were alive.

Amusingly enough, on a recent tour through Taliesin West, our guide was an architect and an instructor at the architecture school. He had made the acquaintance of Wright several times. He mentioned that one of Wright’s express wishes was “Don’t ever attach my name to anything having to do with a school.” Though Wright appeared to get his way much of the time, seems no one paid attention to that request (or demand) once he was no longer around to speak up.

Taliesin West is a wonderful space to visit, the tour guide was knowledgeable and witty, and had a rather genius way of passing on Wright’s heritage and philosophy.

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  1. Hey…how’d you get inside my house? JK! LOL! I mean, wow. Is this house fantastic? Mr. Wright was a genius. This is stunning. Thank you so much for sharing your photos and experience with us.

  2. That sure does look relaxing and comfortable. I’m not sure how efficient all that glass would be as far as air conditioning is concerned. I wonder what the school is doing now to increase heating and cooling efficiency.

  3. Anna Surface says:

    Awesome you got to tour inside the house! I love the wide open space and windows. I would have more live plants and built in fish aquariums with weather tempered glass, of course, and riotous gardens outside…. if this were my house…. Seeing this makes me dream…. Love Frank Lloyd Wright.

  4. I have gotta say…the red painted (and chipped)stairs leading to the door…is my favorite part of these images:) Looks like home…

  5. I love the lines in his designs, but i’m not sure I favor his taste in furniture. One heck of a day dream, though.

  6. I wouldn’t mind taking a book into that room there and have a little reading session. 🙂

  7. What a brilliant man to have created such inviting space. I love how functional and gorgeous it is both.

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