Diamond in the Sky

Michigan Avenue in Chicagos Loop

Michigan Avenue in Chicago’s Loop

Though I don’t have the urban stamina to live in Chicago – I lived on the near North Side for three years in the late 70s and know that to be true – I love visiting the city a few times each year, preferably every season.

On our winter visit, we explored Michigan Avenue and Millennium Park. I took this photograph standing on the stone stairway that leads into the Art Institute, shooting north up the avenue. The snow cover and chilly temperature added to the overall experience.

I like how only part of the diamond top of the Smurfit-Stone Building is snow covered. I love that building, and I love its name. I always think I’m going to see little blue cartoon characters hanging around the lobby, but no. So far there have been no Papa Smurf sightings!

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  1. They missed an opportunity. The building could have been blue. 🙂 Too bad.

  2. That is an interesting building and a great shot! I didn’t know there was a Smurfit Stone building. Smurfit is in bankruptcy now and perhaps the diamond will change hands.

  3. I like how you composed your image. And I LOVE the Chicago Art Institute! I need to go back for a visit. *sigh*

  4. Nice composition. It really does look like a diamond in that sky. I’ve never been to Chicago. Thanks for the tour!!!

  5. Love this scene

  6. Back some years now, i worked for a large ad agency. My office was in Philly but HQ was in Chicago. I did a lot of traveling but always felt Chicago was one of the nicest cities I visited. Good work on this one, Bo.

    How you likin’ that E-P1?

  7. Bo Mackison says:

    I totally agree, Ed. Chicago is a great city.

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