Eatin’ Fries at the Shake shack



Day 2 of the Best of ’09 Challenge. Today’s post and photograph – the Best Restaurant Moment.

We were eating at the Shake Shack in New York City, located just across the street from Central Park. We were all dressed in our best, and on our way to the Lincoln Center to attend my older daughter’s graduation from Brooklyn Law School. She had wanted to stop at one of her favorite places for lunch before the hours-long ceremony. It was a sunny day in early June and summer held forth promises of delight and beauty for the next three months. We were all in high spirits.

After we had our fill of fries, burgers and shakes, we strolled through a crowded Central Park on our walk to the Lincoln Center. The  graduation ceremony went on without further ado, J took the Bar Review and studied for most of the summer, then took and passed the Bar in New York and New Jersey. Today she attends the first of her two swearing in ceremonies.

All good stuff, and to think — all that celebrating started with a few golden fries and the best burger in town.

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  1. Such fun! Love the image…and the accompanying story.

  2. What a great memory!

  3. Makes me hungry! 🙂

  4. What a great memory for all of you–a career starting and great hamburgers.

  5. Ah memories. My wife and I are heading into NYC on Sunday. Breakfast, some walking around, a visit to Macy’s, A VISIT TO B&H PHOTO FOR SOME NEW TOYS, lunch, some shopping, maybe a quick stop in a museum. It should be nice. Sunny and 42, just hope for no howling winds.

  6. Real Nice. Now I’m hungry and nowhere near NYC. 🙂

    Nice memory.

  7. Ah! That looks so good I could almost smell it. I haven’t had a burger and fry with shake in the longest! And it will be mid next year before I can eat anything like this again… in moderation. New York City… I bet you have some grand memories, Bo!

  8. I’m not a hamburger and fries person, but I would have gladly eaten this one. Last hamburger and fries was on our June road trip with my sister. We ate at In-and-Out. It was yummy.

  9. lady percy says:

    Mmm…those look delicious! Where are the famous Shake Shack shakes though?

  10. Great story! and, man, do those fries look tasty!

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