Face of Lips

Eyes OR Lips?

Eyes OR Lips?

Saw this “face” while I was walking around an abandoned warehouse tucked back in one of Madison’s out of the way spots. In addition to these, there were also stencils of purple cat faces and purple camels –dozens of them–and a striking portrait of William Tell with a bright red apple on top of his head.

Lots of graffiti art.

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  1. Amazing what people will produce, isn’t it!

  2. This is great!! Whoever conceived of this has a great sense of humor. Wonderful find!!!

  3. Interesting and a neat find. A different kind of graffiti.

  4. Whoa, this is very fascinating.

  5. Why lips, of course… maybe some vampire lips!! : )

  6. Kisses, Kisses, where are the Hugs? Fun picture.

  7. Ed Vatza says:

    Great find. Great capture. Heck, I’ll go for broke. Two eyes, nose and mouth… impressionistically speaking!

  8. Love this, Bo. Looks almost like a … stencil? Hm. Interesting!

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