Fish Creek Harbor

Canada Geese in Glow of Sunset

Canada Geese in Glow of Sunset

No, I’m not taking a holiday in Antarctica, though truly, sometimes I start imagining the Canada geese I see are really penguins! Not near the Pole, but winter in Wisconsin can still be a little long. Strong winds broke open the sheet of ice covering Green Bay near Fish Creek, but there is still an icy slush along the shores. Even in the glow of the setting sun, it all looks cold. And with temps hovering in the single digits and the wind chill dropping to 10 below or colder, taking photographs becomes a challenge.

How fast can I set up the shot, take it, and make it back to the interior of the warm car? Hmm. Not quite fast enough.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful winter landscape and light. I always wonder how these ‘birds’ survive winter..but they always do!!! Love this image!!!

  2. This looks like imagery right off the Discovery Channel, or a National Geographic page. The glow is other-worldly. Love this shot. Glad you got back inside the warm car quickly, but I know what you mean. Taking pics in Wisconsin’s frigid temps must be a challenge.

  3. The colors are spectacular!

  4. The colors are amazing. Those geese probably are frozen to the water and can’t leave. Wow, that’s cold!

  5. I like that shot. The subtle colors are very attractive! I can imagine the chill in that wind!

  6. I love the platinum color to this photo. You’re right. This does look cold.

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