Grand Canyon Sequence at Sunset

Grand Canyon 7:23 PM

Grand Canyon 7:23 PM © 2010 Bo Mackison

Grand Canyon 7:26 PM

Grand Canyon 7:26 PM © 2010 Bo Mackison

Grand Canyon 7:29 PM

Grand Canyon 7:29 PM © 2010 Bo Mackison

Grand Canyon 7:31 PM

Grand Canyon 7:31 PM © 2010 Bo Mackison

October 7. Sunset was 7:38 PM Mountain Standard Time.

Grand Canyon 7:46 PM

Grand Canyon 7:46 PM © 2010 Bo Mackison

Grand Canyon 7:48 PM

Grand Canyon 7:48 PM © 2010 Bo Mackison

Grand Canyon 7:51 PM

Grand Canyon 7:51 PM © 2010 Bo Mackison

Grand Canyon 7:52 PM

Grand Canyon 7:52 PM © 2010 Bo Mackison

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I’m a photographer, book-artist, traveler, naturalist, and creator of the Contemplative Creatives Journey, An Online Workshop and Community and Desert Wisdom Cards and Workshops. Though often not well known, I find the desert a welcoming place – a healing space. Its mysteries and gifts transformed me several years ago. Since that first encounter, I return again and again to fill my well in what most people think of as a desolate region. I’d love to share my desert discoveries and wisdom with you. Please subscribe to receive my five part mini email course The Gifts of the Desert. It’s my gift to you.


  1. It’s a spectacular vantage point. You can feel an overwhelming transient awareness of your placement upon the earth!

  2. I agree with Margaret. I particularly enjoyed the photo of the silhouettes.

  3. I love the sunset sequence, Bo! That’s a great scene and your treatment of it is perfect!

  4. Also an excellent sequence, however, I really like the effect of the silhouetted people in the one shot. Thought that was really neat.

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