Grasshoppers on A Cattail (X-Rated)

Grasshoppers on Cattails

Differential Grasshoppers on Cattail © 2008

While hiking in the prairie just north of Madison, I noticed a cattail that had exploded with seeds. Upon further examination, I discovered two grasshoppers partially hiding in all the fluff. They seemed quite preoccupied and didn’t appear to mind my camera lens pointing within inches of them.

I think this may be my first ‘insect’ shot. I usually am too impatient to wait for insects, but this was a ready to take photo.

When I went to do some research on these complicated looking creatures, I found hundreds of pages of information on grasshoppers. I had no idea there were so many different grasshoppers.  I concluded that these were a pair of Differential Grasshoppers – what an odd name! – by the unmistakable black chevron pattern on their hind legs. Pretty cool pattern.

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  1. Fantastic!! You certainly captured a moment!!!

  2. LOL I like captures like these… while inspecting a plant or flower, and whoa insects x-rated. I used to catch these type of grasshoppers all the time as a kid just to look at them. They spit a type of ‘tobacco juice’, if I remember. This is an excellent shot… the exploded cattail with happy grasshoppers. 🙂

  3. I used to catch these grasshoppers when I was a kid and keep them in jars with a handful of grass.

  4. Wow, they’re like hippie lovers on a road trip. (Don’t know why they struck me that way, but they did.)

  5. Superbe photo, magnifique macro !

  6. I’ll bet they would make great bait for some fishing.

  7. Lol! I think you caught a private moment!

    They are very cool looking. I have a photo in the archives of the same species from about a year ago. I love the pattern and the almost armor like quality of their bodies.

  8. It looks like mother carry her baby…Bo you have a good pair of “photography eyes”

  9. amazing shot! 🙂 haha, dunno if they’d be too happy to see this getting published in tabloids…LOL!!

  10. Funny shot. Those chevron marks are so cool!

  11. I do love the markings.

    It kinda looks like a dwarf grasshopper making it with a cheerleader grasshopper.

    I mean, it looks like that if you’re a tad warped.

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