Iron Spring Creek – Sunrise at Yellowstone National Park

Geyserite Mound with Runoff into Iron Spring Creek at Yellowstone
Iron Spring Creek © 2010 Bo Mackison

This mound of geyserite to the left of the creek indicates that there have been geysers in this part of Yellowstone National Park for eons.

The run off from pools and geysers in the Black Sand Geyser Basin flows into Iron Spring Creek. The reddish-brown color of the creek, however, is not from iron, but from a reddish brown algae that is present in the creek because of thermal warming.

This is another sunrise photograph.

The temperature had dropped to 28˚F on this early October morning, and so there was a magnificent display of steaming hot pools in the basin. The early light bathed the whole area in luminous beauty.

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  1. Wow, you are getting some great photographs of the area, Bo! Nice work!

  2. totally glorious! Love the soft golden light just peaking gently over everything!

  3. What a stunning landscape. Love the mist in both this..and the previous..and the soft colors of the morning light. Looks like heaven!!!

  4. Wowzer! That is a totally gorgeous capture, Bo! I agree with Marcie’s take.

  5. Ah, Bo……I’m catching up on your fantastic blog and adore this journey you’re taking. Such tremendous, powerful beauty! This is the stuff of dreams!

  6. There’s no other word for this but perfection.

  7. In getting caught up with you I’ve been ooo’ing and ahhh’ing over your gorgeous photos from your trip. Stunningly beautiful, Bo.

  8. Lovely, with the soft earthtones and golden light, the earth releasing its plumes of white…

  9. These pictures are all fabolous. I totally love the “golden” experience.
    Thank Bo.

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