Just a Simple Yellow Bowl

Yellow Bowl, circa 1850

Yellow Bowl, circa 1850 © 2008

Let’s see. It’s been a long day. And my cat is making odd noises in the kitchen – never a good sign. But this yellow bowl was rather nice when I spied it sitting on a shelf among other antiques. A basic shot of a very old  bowl sure beats a synopsis of the economic news or the political scene bashing. I think I’m going to go indulge in a hot fudge sundae. When in over-drive, think chocolate.

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  1. Now you could make a wicked good hot fudge sundae in that bowl. Beautiful shot.

  2. Michael Skorulski says:

    Nice composition placing the bowl amid other old objects. This is excellent in detail

  3. Oh no…I hate when cats make odd sounds…it is never a good sign!

    I love this. The bowl is beautiful and the jug is great too. It is so quaint and warm. It reminds me of my aunt’s old kitchen in her 200 plus year old house on the farm.

  4. This photograph is really soothing. Peaceful. There is a book about bowls, and now the title is escaping me. About the concept of begging bowls, and the simplicity of the shape. A bowl is a vessel. Holding everything.

  5. Un bol dans une ancienne maison, quelle nostalgie, bravo !!
    A bowl in an old house, what nostalgia, bravo!

  6. Glad I found you again… from the comment you left on my Astoria post way back last October. I love your photography, and this yellow bowl sure has some unique character.
    Although mine is not a photography blog, I sometimes post my travel pics, like my recent visit to Ottawa. This summer, I stayed in a log home here in Alberta, I posted some nature photos as well. And if you enjoy architecture, I’ve made some visits to Frank Gehry’s works too. You’re welcome to stop by!

  7. We all need to enjoy looking at a simple yellow bowl from time to time. Simple is good.

  8. I noticed the title on this one and had to click. It’s a great shot. A great bowl. The setting, though…really seems like a step back in time.

  9. This is simple but really nice too.

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