La Conquistadora

La Conquistadora

Chapel of La Conquistadora © 2008  Bo Mackison

The Chapel of La Conquistadora adjoins the large Basilica Cathedral of St. Francis of  Assisi near the Old Square in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The Chapel, built in 1714, houses La Conquistadora, the oldest Madonna in the United States.

The statue, carved of wood, was brought to the area by Franciscan Friars in 1625.

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  1. Every time I come here – I learn something new. Nice detail. She’s the oldest madonna? WOW!

  2. suehenryphotography says:

    And, she’s still looking good, Look at all that “bling!”

  3. Very cool, I’d love to visit Santa Fe someday:)

  4. Beautiful carving.

    Like your first commenter, I enjoy coming here for the photos as well as learning something new.

  5. What a wonderfully rich story she could tell!

  6. Very interesting picture and even more interesting name – La Conquistadora. Doesn’t that mean conquest or dominance?

  7. That does mean conquest, and she was the saint who the “conquistadores” venerated for the conquest of this part of the world. But you know, she’s probably her own person. She might have given a bit of help to those who revolted. You never really know.

  8. Some refer to her as Our Lady of Peace now. I couldn’t find out the history of the transition though, actually it was hard to find out much about the statue’s history. Though I did read that she was stolen once. But the article ended with “see part 2 next month” so I have no clue how she was returned. She’s worth a huge amount of money – lots of bling.

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