Lake Michigan through the Eyes of the Milwaukee Art Museum

Milwaukee Art Museum on the shores of Lake Michigan

Milwaukee Art Museum © 2008 Bo Mackison

Milwaukee Art Museum on the shores of Lake Michigan

Say Milwaukee and what do people think of? Beer? Bowling? Laverne and Shirley? Actually when I think of visiting Milwaukee, it is usually in anticipation of attending Summerfest, the biggest music festival in the world – draws over a million people every year – or visiting the Milwaukee Art Museum.

The Museum is an amazing place. The newer addition is a “moving winged affair” designed by internationally acclaimed architect, Santiago Calatrava. It’s a great museum, and it has a large collection of paintings by one of my favorites, Georgia O’Keeffe. And the museum is on Lake Michigan’s shores, so spending a summer day there is usually delightful.

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  1. awesome photo!

  2. Fantastic photo, Bo!

    I’d like to visit the Milwaukee Art Museum. (And yes, I did think of beer…lol!)

  3. What a super neat shot! I, too, would like to visit the Milwaukee Art Museum… and definitely view the collection of paintings by Georgia O’Keeffe. 🙂

  4. The floor looks almost liquid in this light. Really nice!

  5. I thought the same as Marcie..
    They look as though they’re walking on water.

  6. I’ve heard about this museum and I think I saw something about it on PBS a while ago, while it was still under construction. It looks like an amazing place. That pavilion is incredible with that floor that looks like water with the reflections. Gorgeous.

  7. Are you sure the museum is in Milwaukee? I thought Milwaukee just did beer. 🙂

  8. Gandalf – of course Milwaukee does more than beer. You should visit; you would be pleasantly surprised.

  9. Nice shot. Now if they only had a chaise lounge so my tired body could relax and appreciate the atmosphere.

  10. I love the floor like that – almost like ice.

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