Leopard on a Stick

See the Leopard?

See the Leopard?

There’s just something about living in Wisconsin and realizing it is only the first third of January, and winter is going to hang around for a few more months. . .made me want to post this set of photos. Just for the fun of it, I guess. This is the Zuzu Cafe (cool name, yes?) across the street from the Vilas Zoo in Madison. I find the leopard on a stick a rather endearing thing. You can’t see this just anywhere!
Now Can You See the Leopard on the Stick?

See the Leopard on a Stick?

And I love the yellows and blues. It’s a challenge to find much color in the city. There’s a lot of snow, which has taken on a nasty gray tinge, so any color I see these days I consider good color.

I was tempted, just a bit, to name the top photo “The Red Shovel” or even “A Study in Primary Colors” but I had to go with “Leopard on a Stick.”  Just had to. . .

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  1. Love the blues and yellows. I know exactly what you mean about the endless snow. When it’s fresh and white – it’s beautiful. And then – there’s the rest of the winter!!!!

  2. i like the colors

  3. I’m in Michigan, and I have to disagree with your statement that winter will last a few more months. Winter is almost over. It’s already practically the middle of January, and the middle of January is nearly February, and then spring is right around the corner in March! Telling myself that is the only thing that gets me out to clear the snow off my car every morning.

    And btw, I’m glad you kept the title of the photo (and post). It’s what got me to click over here from Confident Writing. Really, who can resist a post titled “Leopard on a Stick?”


  4. Hilarious! Reminds me of a piece of public art in Albuquerque that was hugely controversial—Chevy on a Stick. It was a big life-sized low-rider on a column. I loved it. I think it might have eventually come down.

  5. Zuzu — very cool name.

    The color is wonderful. 🙂

  6. wonderful colors. I suspect we won’t see “leopard on a stick” on many street vendors’ menus in NYC, but who knows?

  7. haha, you got me, cool shot!

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