Narcissus Macro

Narcissus Macro © 2011 Bo Mackison

The narcissus is a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings, a harbinger of spring. To many of us living in the northern climates, the narcissus–also called the daffodil– not only proclaims winter’s end, but gives us reason us to appreciate the present moment, this time of blossoming.

I have a bed of spring-flowering bulbs that is partially protected by the eaves of my house, and this afternoon I was able to take a few photographs of the garden flowers between raindrops and snowflakes. But I kept one eye on my botanical subjects and my other eye on the lightning streaking across the sky.

Once the hail started bouncing off the sidewalk and thunder began rumbling, I called an end to my outdoor photo-shoot, and decided I would continue to appreciate this spring moment from the interior–and safety–of my house.




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  1. That sure is a gorgeous photo, Bo! Not a single one of ours has bloomed yet.

  2. What a beauty..and so wonderfully captured. It is seeming like spring is never going to come..or that it might pass us by and we’ll slide right into summer. Love the image!

    • Bo Mackison says:

      Spring hasn’t even begun in Wisconsin yet, except for a few bulbs in our yard. Nothing in the woods yet, so late. Yes, we may have a short spring and then a great summer!

  3. Beautifully captured, Bo. I’m glad to hear the flowers aren’t buried under snow. 🙂

  4. Ahhhh, Spring comes in colors after all those lead-gray skies you’ve been having! We can’t grow those here, and you made it happen!

  5. This is gorgeous. Nice work! Superb light and dof.

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