Now Open For Business – Pink Perspective II

Taken in a place with no name (See more photos here)

This time the photo works as a writing prompt with only minor cropping. For me, it opens an imagination bank and makes me want to tell a story. Why is this building “now open” and what is it open for? Do the two men have a part in the story? Why is this building in the center of Nassau’s Main Street, sharing territory with jewelry stores, high-end imports malls and tourist, duty-free liquor stores?

See, it’s definitely a story photo. I have about 5 photos now, both mine and other photographers – from whom I have written permission to use their photos. The photographs are all stored on my private, story-seed blog. I am writing, using the first one and I may post the photo/story combo when it is finished. If nothing else, I think it’s an interesting challenge.

Main Street
Nassau, the Bahamas
January 3, 2008

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  1. Ah so! My, this opens up the perspective. I had very much liked the cropped photo of the window and porch in your earlier post. That alone had captured my imagination.

    The building itself, as large as it is, with the boarded and plastered windows begs the question as to why against the ‘Now Open.’ That is always my first question–Why?–when I see something like this. Yes, it’s definitely a story photo.

    Interesting what you got going, Barbara, indeed. 🙂

  2. I think the building is just being used as a billboard announcing the opening of something else down the way. The two men appear to be waiting for something. Maybe a ride will come by and take them somewhere or they just have nothing else to do. There seems to be no hurry here.

  3. This is a brilliant piece because (to me) it captures a mood. The same mood of Otis Reddings “Dock of the Bay” song. It feel unhurried (as Preston stated) but it also has a bit of tension to it, I think this is created by the fellow on the left, you combine that with the art in the architecture and wow, what a great piece. Fabulous work and so far without question my favorite of yours.

  4. that’s soo funny with the old building like that! Great shot

  5. hmmm beautiful shot, i personally prefer the cropped version…

  6. perhaps they are waiting for Godot or perhaps the snow?

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