Oak Leaves and Shadows

Oak Leaves and Shadow

Leaves and Shadows © 2007

“We ascribe beauty to that which is simple;
which has no superfluous parts;
which exactly answers its end;
which stands related to all things;
which is the mean of many extremes.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson, American philosopher and poet (1803-1882)

“I hate quotations.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson, American satirist (as noted above)

The first real fall of snow (only 3 inches) fell Sunday, December 2nd, though tricky Mother Nature capped her display of winter glory with an inch of glassy ice.

When I went to shoot photos yesterday morning, I only went about 10 feet from the start of the path, and fell twice going that far. Therefore today’s photo is a simple one, though it does applaud the mighty oak leaf, who refuses to acknowledge winter’s demise of leaves, and the sun-cast shadows that make playful designs in the snow.

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  1. hehe i am also so enthusiastic about the first snow.. about snow in general, but the first snow each year, no matter how small it is, it is always a great moment.
    love the quote so much.

  2. Lovely photo! And a perfect quote to share too.

  3. The first real snow is always the most exciting. 🙂

  4. Right now it is snowing even harder and I want to be out wit my camera but I have to wait for a phone call. Now what is so important that I should miss a snowflake opportunity! Thanks for the comments. And I love that quote, too.

  5. I love that the oaks are so strong and so persistant. This is a great picture which shows just this. I am always excited to see the first snow of the season too!

  6. Nice shot. You might like my ‘Snow & Chaos Theory…This is NOT a Jackson Pollock Painting (2). First snow is magical, no other ‘word’ for it…..Cheers, c

  7. truddle: oaks are amazing…and the snow will be everlasting, but fun nonetheless.
    canadada: Are you comparing me to Jackson? Hmm.

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