Photo Links Wednesday 3.10.10

Remember the Thrill of the Photo Booth?

Remember the Thrill of the Photo Booth?

A few articles from the last week. Anyone else have anything they’d like to share? Leave a link in the comments!

Photo Link Day!

Maybe this is a topic you give a lot of thought to, maybe it’s a topic that never crosses your mind. It’s an article from Digital Photography School on the quest for the perfect camera bag (for us women photogs). I’ve had several camera bags and I’m currently using a LowePro backpack with the zipper that is next to my back. But sometimes I’d like a little less of a camera bag and a litttle more of just a bag. Any female photog have an opinion on this subject? Have you found a camera bag that doesn’t scream “camera equipment inside!”? The comments are interesting, and it is a long comment thread. Lots of ideas.

Chase Jarvis encourages photogs to spill the beans, and share their favorite, secret locations for out of sight photography. I checked the comments –I’d like visit each and every suggestion.

A series by Matthew Kaufmann focuses on the business part of photography. I never thought it would be of any interest to me. Now that it is, I wish I had started paying attention a little sooner. There wouldn’t be so much to learn. The articles include writing your photography marketing plan, writing a marketing plan summary, writing a mission statementsetting marketing plan goals, and analyzing your marketing plan.

National Geographic posted its top 10 photo favorites from 2009. I have a favorite (the photo contrasting the little girl with the women). Do you have one?

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  1. Thanks for all of the great links. As for camera bags – you may want to check-out ‘epiphanie’ and ‘Jill-e’. Unfortunately – I can’t speak about either of them..but they do look good!

  2. The wall of pix is great. Are you up there?

  3. Awesome photo.

  4. This post is chocked full of information, Bo. I DO have a nice camera bag that I use for business gigs – a Temba Rolling Carrier. It carries my laptop and business papers and has ample compartments for two camera bodies with lens’ attached AND plenty of space for extra lenses, etc. AND, the camera portion lifts out making it a perfect overnight bag! That it rolls has saved my sanity, though occasionally I still have to schlep it. However, that said, I still need a good bag for in the field. Often, I choose one lens for hiking and need another that I simply couldn’t carry. So yeah..I’m interested in hearing from other women photographers, too. THANKS for all these neat links! Very useful!

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