Purple Orchids

Bolz Conservatory

Bolz Conservatory

A necklace of orchids for you to wear this happy day. Orchid “Purpuria”
Olbrich Botanical Garden in Madison Wisconsin.

And here is another photograph of purple orchids.

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  1. HeyJules says:

    Our conservatory has an orchid exhibit going on right now. I’m hoping to get there next weekend and take some photos. This one is stunning! What an inspiration to me to make that drive out there and get some of my own!

  2. montucky says:

    How pretty! A beautiful shot!

  3. ladypercy says:

    I love the color in this picture.

  4. Gorgeous photo of orchids. Are they on a lei?
    Happy GTS,

  5. rainmountain says:

    I love Orchids.
    Beautiful shot!

  6. You capture orchids beautifully. Not only this post, but also the others you prevously posted. They are beautiful, delicate looking (but tough) flowers with a unique radiance. You capture that radiance and add new touches.

  7. Jules ~ hope you enjoyed your orchid show.

    montucky ~ thanks, ya got orchids in your wanderings? 🙂

    lady ~ purple orhids seem just right, don’t they?

    aiyana ~ no they were on a stalk and I turned the photo.

    nicole ~ thanks

    gandalf ~ thanks for being one of my best visitors! 🙂

  8. maria Hopkins says:

    Gorgeous!!! Great color and depth of field.

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