Riding a Harley

Hill Climber on a Harley

Hill Climber on a Harley © 2008

Milwaukee is readying itself for the descent of 500,000 Harly-Davidson bikers, all coming to town this Thursday through Sunday for the company’s 105th Anniversary party. Yes, the city will nearly double in size in a matter of days as half a million Harleys and their riders come together in one big demonstration of enthusiasm/love for the cycle that made Milwaukee famous. (Hmm, that might have been another product’s slogan, but the saying goes for Harleys too.)

This statue of a Hill Rider, modeled after a rider and his competition cycle produced in 1930, stands at the entrance to the new Harley Davidson Museum. An H-D artist and enthusiast, Jeff Decker from Springville, Utah, created the bronze sculpture by welding 200 pieces together. It was unveiled earlier this summer at the Museum located just south of downtown Milwaukee.

If you love bikes, it’s a museum well worth your time.

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  1. That’s quite a crowd! And here I thought they were all riding around in western Montana!

  2. I bet it will be pretty noisy!

    Cool POV for this photo.

  3. Now, I hope you have some seriously good ear plugs 😉
    I like Harleys, but they are way too loud for my taste.
    Neat statue.

  4. No problem, Nicole. My ears are safe. I live 80 miles from Milwaukee, so I’m thinking I won’t hear even the tiniest of rumbles – except for when the bikers pass through Madison on their way to the Cream City.

  5. I wonder what it says about me that lately when I visit your blog “beer” comes to mind. lol!

    I hope you get lots of good photos of the gathering of bikers. I just missed a bike rally opportunity in Harrisburg back in June.

  6. Great image! For a moment – I thought it was real. FUN!!!!

  7. Hey beer sounds like a great idea.

    The biker in the statue looks like he’s ready to catch one.

  8. What a good picture of a very interesting sculpture.
    Did you stay for the bikers’ convention? Great photo ops if you did stay.

  9. I love cycles. Nothing like burning across open roads on a Harley.

  10. That statues image is in complete opposition to the typical Harley rider image and consequently much more appealing to my taste.

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