Wisconsin Plow

Wisconsin Plow © 2008 Bo Mackison

We in Wisconsin love our farm plows and they never seem to get too old or go out of fashion. Once our favorite plow becomes obsolete in the field, it is transformed into a yard decoration. Some get painted in shiny black or silver; others go au natural with a lovely rust patina. Sometimes they are centered in gravel circles with boulders circling the edges. Sometimes they are the centerpiece for flowers.

And decorative farm equipment is certainly more popular these days than pink flamingos or those freaky gnomes – though you still can see those around if you are observant.

What are the favored yard decorations in your little part of the world?

in Waukesha County

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  1. Ron in L.A. says:

    That’s great Barbara, really nice.


  2. I love Rrusty things!This looks gorgeous with the snow!

  3. cement geese, though with all the living Canadian geese around, I don’t know why…

  4. Thought about yard decorations…came up with what my town is “famous” for…The Musical Fountain! Take a look:

    Like thinking about this topic:) The mid-west has some crazy yard decor…

  5. Thanks for the Pix. I’m happy to see that you are giving the snow its rightful due. The plow would fade into a background of grass & leaves.

  6. HeyJules says:

    Our neck of the (suburban) woods goes in for those silly flags you hang off your front porch. I’d much rather have a rusty plow…

  7. montucky says:

    We see a lot of the old farm equipment around here, too. Also quite a few unique mail boxes, some them also made from old farm implements.

  8. I like this one..especially the way the light hits the red areas!
    Some people have pink flamingos …usually people that were not born here. I guess my my yard decorations are alligators…real ones hee, hee.
    We have a fence, but they can climb it if they wish. :>

  9. Very nice, has a lot of character to it, well done ! 🙂

  10. interesting photo

  11. ron ~ thanks

    nicole ~ the rust caught my eye,too – two-toned rust!

    pat ~ mmm cement geese. what would the world do without that phenomena.

    susan ~ wow, that is a musical fountain, alright! thanks for sharing.

    gandalf ~ what WILL you do when spring finally comes and melts your snow?

    jules ~ MANY years ago, I flew those flags on the holidays for my kids. Thank goodness, no longer.

    montucky ~ I forgot the mail boxes – yes, popular in WI also.

    gypsy ~ my favorite thus far- alligators. Seldom see an alligator decorating anything but a zoo this far up north. Thank God.

    bernie, ankush ~ thanks for commenting

  12. Gandalf says:

    What will I do when Spring comes around? I’ll enjoy my memories of skiing and go lose golf balls.

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