Seeing Red and Green – A Ritual to Defuse Anger

Red and Green

Seeing Red and Green © 2011 Bo Mackison

The title of this post is a bit of a puzzler. Sure, the leaf is green with red veins. Seeing red, seeing green.

But the phrase “seeing red” has a common meaning. I checked with an online, viewer-written dictionary, and this was an accurate summary of the word and its derivation:

The etymology of the word refers to bullfighting. It is well-known that a matador uses a red cape to engage with and then infuriate a bull. When the bull gets agitated, it charges the matador, but it tends to aim for the cape and not the man. “Seeing red” refers to this situation of being so angry, your anger controls you and causes you to feel enraged.

This photo is a good visual reminder for me when I am struggling with angry feelings. I do not want to ignore my anger, but I don’t want anger to control my actions either. I needed a ritual to help me through difficult moments.

This is what I came up with:

When I look at the green leaf, I visualize “seeing green” which I associate with feeling calm and in control.  There are lines of red through the green, acknowledging my “seeing red” feelings, but most of the photograph reinforces the “green” calming.

I imagine my anger as that central red spot (hot spot) in the photo. Then I visualize my anger flowing through the cool green, and the anger becomes cooler and less intense. It flows away from that hot spot and I imagine my anger dropping off the edge of the photo.

I also discovered a quote — one of those “oh, so true” quotes — to help remind me of the good that comes from staying calm when I feel anything but calm.

If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape one hundred days of sorrow.  ~Chinese proverb

And deep, cleansing breaths are always a great way to relax and shake off too much tension.

I found that the combination of distraction, visualization, using the quote, and deep breathing to be helpful when I want to move from “seeing red” to “feeling green.”

I am discovering that some photographs have a deeper meaning than that which is first seen.

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  1. We do indeed seem to be on the same path, Bo. Yesterday, this was my struggle as well. I, too, practice visualization and also “tapping,” which can help. Going for a long walk in nature relieves, too, if there is opportunity to do so. When Life overtakes and creates a vortex of strife, the best refuge is deep within us. The quote is perfect – perfect. Thanks, dear.

  2. I love the crop in this image Bo

  3. There is great learning in the connection of the powerful and wonderful photograph and your life. That is the gift of art–the meaning is there, and we are compelled to see our life in our creativity. And then, blessedly, the solution is there, too.

  4. I love this, Bo. It’s a great reminder.

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