Snow Plow

Not Your Typical Snow Plow

Not Your Typical Snow Plow

Once a valuable piece of equipment, this field plow;
Now it stands, simply a snow plow.

Back to snow and Wisconsin for a dose of reality before returning to my travel photos of the tropics. (that honestly are depressing me right now.)

Baby, it’s COLD outside. On my recent travels, I was disappointed when the temperature hovered in the low 70s. Now I’d be happy, no – ecstatic, if the thermometer would read above zero.

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  1. that’s more like it! 🙂 at least we are closer to spring now. great shot

  2. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Let it snow, beautiful snow until the Beast of Spring steals our snowy blanket. It’s pretty hard to ski on mud & in the rain.

  3. Crappy weather. Gorgeous Black and white. Better than crappy weather and a CRAPPY black and white, right?

  4. It’s a beautiful picture.

    Still and all, I know what you mean. I think I’d enjoy anything above freezing right now.

  5. Welcome home:)

  6. I like that. Because of the snow on everything, the plow’s shape emerged over the first seconds I looked at it, as if the plow were decloaking.

  7. Great shot Barbara the snow adds a great touch to a interesting subject, very nice 🙂

  8. That’s simply a great shot! It would be good even without the snow.

  9. The photo is beautiful..but I cannot imagine living in such cold.
    I “almost” feel guilty because I am complaining about the 50 degree weather here! I have never lived out of Florida so I guess it is to be expected!

  10. it’s like that shadow-writing i used to do. why are the pics not automatically resizing?

  11. Piognant image. It brings a little tear to my eye. Your have such a sensitive blog. I think you are my kind of people. I love the title…The Seeded Earth. It speaks volumes.

  12. Snow for sure slows down the farming work!! Great shot and love how you framed this!

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