Sunlit Hosta

Sunlit Hosta © 2011 Bo Mackison

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.  ~ Marcel Proust

Sunday morning was one of those delicious Wisconsin mornings. So fresh and sunny, a gentle breeze, a few puffy clouds drifting along. It was the kind of morning that begs for adventure. Well,  perhaps not a big adventure, but surely a trip across town to visit the local botanical gardens.

I’ve spent many hours at the Olbrich Botanical Garden on Madison’s east side – one of the premier botanical gardens in the United States. I thought the above quote was appropriate for this garden visit, because I took my first 85 photographs within 20 feet of the entrance to the outdoor gardens.

One more reminder that one does not need to look hard or far to find a great photographic subject.

It took over an hour for me to move beyond the front entrance and these entrancing hosta. The sun, still quite low on the horizon, was shining brightly on the hosta foliage. Too bright for any photography without a diffuser, and I had left the diffuser in the car. Once I started poking around the plants, however, I discovered a delightful world of light under the hosta leaves. Oh, what a world of delight and lovely lighting and textures.

Many more photographs of hosta to come . . .


Bo Mackison is a photographer and the owner of Seeded Earth Studio LLC. She is going great guns for gardens this week. Prime garden time in Wisconsin and the gardens are full of treasures. So much beauty!

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I'm a photographer, book-artist, traveler, naturalist, and creator of the Contemplative Creatives Journey, An Online Workshop and Community and Desert Wisdom Cards and Workshops. Though often not well known, I find the desert a welcoming place - a healing space. Its mysteries and gifts transformed me several years ago. Since that first encounter, I return again and again to fill my well in what most people think of as a desolate region. I'd love to share my desert discoveries and wisdom with you. Please subscribe to receive my five part mini email course The Gifts of the Desert. It's my gift to you.


  1. Amazing photo, Bo! The lighting, the veins of the plant–just so focused and perfect.

  2. great use of that sunlight Bo

  3. This is beautiful!! Such exquisitely beautiful light. And – yes – it’s always about seeing things thru fresh eyes!!!

  4. Delicate and intricate – the structure of the leaf. Very entrancing.

  5. Gorgeous, Bo! It’s like a sunburst of that beautiful hosta-green — really lovely.

  6. Surreal – just like a stained glass window. Beautiful, Bo.

  7. Lovely transluscence.

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