Sunset Harbor

Fish Creek Harbor

Fish Creek Harbor © 2008 Bo Mackison

The weather was changeable in Door County – sunny skies followed by thunderheads and a brief storm just after sunset. Then at midnight, the skies cleared and the Milky Way poured a hazy band of white light that spanned the sky in a celestial arch. The moon was fully new and the stars put on a deafening show.

Can stars be deafening?

In the northern part of Wisconsin, with no light pollution to diminish the show, yes – the stars were truly deafening in their splendor.

About Bo Mackison

I'm a photographer, book-artist, traveler, naturalist, and creator of the Contemplative Creatives Journey, An Online Workshop and Community and Desert Wisdom Cards and Workshops. Though often not well known, I find the desert a welcoming place - a healing space. Its mysteries and gifts transformed me several years ago. Since that first encounter, I return again and again to fill my well in what most people think of as a desolate region. I'd love to share my desert discoveries and wisdom with you. Please subscribe to receive my five part mini email course The Gifts of the Desert. It's my gift to you.


  1. Ron in L.A. says:

    Nice image Barbara, very nice…

    R(etc… )

  2. Wow, what a shot. I would like to walk out to the end of that pier, cast my line. then sit back and enjoy the view.

  3. Stunning sky!!!

  4. Threatening and beautiful at the same time. Your imagery of the night sky and the stars is as vivid as your photo. You have a way with words as well as the camera.

  5. you are a poetress, Bo…with your photos and your words…

    “the stars were truly deafening in their splendor.”

    Oh, that was GREAT

  6. splendid

  7. Can stars be deafening?

    I wouldn’t usually think of them that way, but I really like the sound of the words.

    The photo is very unusual, almost like two totally different world colliding. Heaven above, and the austure, dimming harbor down below.

  8. lady.percy says:

    I absolutely love this picture. Just the contrast between the sun and the cloudy, darkening sky, and the lake is beautiful.

  9. very nice pic!

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