Wild. Fierce. Free. A Mandala for Ferocity.


Wild. Fierce. Free © 2016 Bo Mackison

I created the fierce and unfettered mandala while watching bits of the Bully Debate. I was in deep need of finding balance in the swirling, angry energy. Prior to last night, I’ve limited my exposure to much of the presidential campaigns. That is not to say I am not paying attention to the news or unaware of the “talking points” for the various campaigns, only that it seemed wise to greatly limit what feels like coarse and intrusive reality TV.

However, last night I did choose to watch the debate. Or bits of the debate.

And so, while I listened to the candidates I created a powerful mandala that offered positive energy to counteract the negative. Ferocity as response.


Focus on Fierce © 2016 Bo Mackison

Focus on the center. The true center. Positive energy. That’s the practice.


The practice of combining mandala making and setting intentions, part of an online workshop I’ve created that melds words, vision and place. Details coming this week!