A Change and A Move

Blowing Seeds © 2012 Bo Mackison

Blowing Seeds © 2012 Bo Mackison

“How strange that the nature of life is change, yet the nature of human beings is to resist change. And how ironic that the difficult times we fear might ruin us are the very ones that can break us open and help us blossom into who we were meant to be.” ~ Elizabeth Lesser

I’ve been blogging on Seeded Earth since 2007.

I chose the name quickly one afternoon, as I was setting up my blog for the first time. That autumn most of the photographs I took were of landscapes, gardens, prairies, flowers, all growing things. Since these all had their beginning as seeds in the earth, I determined that Seeded Earth would be an appropriate name for my new blog.

Seeds are, indeed, good beginnings, and Seeded Earth took root and grew.

It began as Seeded Earth Photography, morphed into Seeded Earth Studios when I added new products and services, and eventually became my official, government approved, business name, Seeded Earth Studios LLC.

The name served me well as I embarked on the art fair circuit and traveled in the Midwest and Southwest, showing my macro-photographs of botanicals. It worked less well as I photographed fewer landscapes and more desert-scapes. And when I added stories about the arts and healing, and more personal writing, it lost even more of its cohesiveness.

While I still love the Seeded Earth moniker, it’s time to step up and re-christen my soon to be launched website Bo Mackison.

The seeded wonders and desert wonders will still be featured as I continue to post my photography, but I am expanding. I’ll be offering online photography workshops beginning in early 2014, and adding Desert Wisdom Workshops and Retreats later in the year.

Seeded Earth has grown, flowered, given fruit. Now the fruit’s seeds have burst from their container.

In a few days, my new website will be launching at BoMackison.com. Please join me soon in welcoming my newest venture (and adventure).

Dancing on the Prairie

Dancing on the Prairie © 2010 Bo Mackison

Photographed just before sunset, the prairie’s flowery remnants were all dancing in the evening breeze.

Showy Goat’s Beard

Showy Goat's Beard

Showy Goat’s Beard © 2008 Bo Mackison

This wildflower, also known as Meadow Salsify, blooms from May through August in Eastern Canada and the Northeastern and Midwestern regions of the United States. It is a flower that literally follows the sun, a true sun-worshiper. The blossoms only open on sunny mornings and as they do they turn to face the sun. They close by noon as protection against the harsher mid-day sun,but then open the next sunny day.

Goat's Beard Going to Seed

Goat’s Beard Going to Seed © 2008 Bo Mackison

The plant’s white, plumed seeds form a puffball that is especially fluffy, hence the name of the flower – goat’s beard. Native Americans used the sap of the plant – a thick, milky substance – as chewing gum. The tap root can be cooked like a parsnip or roasted to make a coffee-substitute. Even the leaves are edible – either raw in salads or cooked.

Happy Birthday, Jeanne

Wintry Blossoms

Twenty-seven years ago this morning – 10:31 am to be precise – I gave birth to my first child. I look back and remember those early days of motherhood as being among the most precious of my life.

Here are my Happy Birthday wishes to my older daughter.

Enjoy. Laugh. Love.