Foggy Walk


Foggy Walk

It is not the clear-sighted who rule the world. Great achievements are accomplished in a blessed, warm fog. ~ Joseph Conrad

I’ve been walking in a blessed, warm fog, thanks to a persistent weather pattern. But there is beauty wherever I look, and gratefulness for the opportunity to walk in this world, foggy or not.

Bench and Bank

Historic American Exchange Bank Building

Historic American Exchange Bank Building

The American Exchange Bank is on the Capitol Square across the street from the State Capitol Building. The building is constructed with huge blocks of Wisconsin sandstone. That was the building material of choice for many of the historic buildings in south-central Wisconsin, and the sandstone apparently held up well.

This structure, built in 1871, is still a handsome place.

One of the best things about Madison’s downtown square, however, is the number of benches always available for a quick rest or people watching.

Fire Escape on Quincy Casket Company Building

Historic Quincy Casket Company Building

Historic Quincy Casket Company Building

The Quincy Casket Company, also known as the  S J Lessem Building, is a brick and stone, three story building perched on the bluffs of Quincy Illinois, and has a fine view overlooking the Mississippi River. Built in the mid 1850s in the Italiante Style, it was used as a factory and warehouse for its first 100 years. The building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1999 due to its architectural significance.

Another metaphor?

Omni Chicago, Framed

off Michigan Avenue

on the Magnificent Mile

Even though the morning was chilly last week when I walked the streets of River North just off Michigan Avenue, the skies were a lovely deep blue and there was plenty of cloud action to add some life to the buildings.

Photo Links Wednesday

Celebrating Spring with Window Display Color!

Colorful Window Display at Crate and Barrel

I love these spring colored banners at this store entrance on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. And all those curves and lines makes me smile at all the energy. I always find so many things to photograph when I visit Chicago!

As far as photography goes, I read dozens of articles a week on photography and such. There is always much that I’d like to share, and so I’m going to start posting a list of links every Wednesday.

Photo Link Day!

  • Joe McNally’s article, We Just Can’t Help it! Are we photographers different from regular folks? Here’s a quick quote from the article, but the whole article is worth a read:

“We [photographers] don’t stop seeing things.  We try to push reality into a better composition.  We keep shooting until we’re satisfied that we captured the story we’re trying to tell.”

  • I know it’s a little late in most areas of the country to be photographing snowflakes. Still…it HAS been a crazy winter and March generally has a storm or two saved for many of us, especially in the northern states. Here is an article from EarthSky, in case you want to know the REALLY cool way to photograph snowflakes. It’s either now or wait ’til next December.
  • Anyone ready for Baseball’s Spring Training? (Me! Me!) These great photos from of  baseball players in their spring digs sure got me in the mood! (You’ll have to click the link after you click this link–I don’t know why!) Spring Training starts. . . TODAY!  (But the Milwaukee Brewers don’t play their first game until tomorrow. Boo hoo!)

People ask me what I do in the winter when there’s no baseball. I’ll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring.”  —Roger Hornsby  (Roger must have been very single minded – perhaps he would have enjoyed a Polaroid.)

  • PhotoCritic talks about a subject that I used to feel guilty about, because I hadn’t done it – yep, backing up photographs! – but I’ve finally gotten my act together. Now I’ve backed up ALL my photos. In two places! Here’s a good article, and a good reminder, on backing up your photos properly.