How to Mentally Survive Cold Weather

Glenwood Springs Pool

Glenwood Springs Hot Springs Pool © 2008 Bo Mackison

This is my solution to the arrival of challenging weather. Today it is rainy, not cold, but just rainy and a bit gloomy. So whenever I look outside, I visualize one of the places we visited when we were in the West and Southwest earlier this fall. I have lots of variety – I can imagine standing on the trail winding through the red rock formations in Utah, or feel my feet planted in the desert surrounded by saguaro cacti in Arizona, or imagine I am relaxing in these steamy pools, surrounded by the Rockies.

And what amazing pools they are. I’m not sure it’s the place I would like to be in the middle of summer vacation, but on a cool and cloudy Sunday evening in October, it was a grand experience. The water is supplied by the mineral-filled Yahweh Springs, the water so hot at 122˚F that cold water needs be mixed with the spring water to make it a balmy 90˚in the large pool and a relaxing 104˚ in the therapeutic pool — which is smaller, but still the size of a typical community pool. Three and a half million gallons of mineral water run through the pools every day.

Originally built in 1890, the Glenwood Springs’ Hot Springs Pools have seen their share of celebrities. Al Capone, Titantic-survivor Molly Brown, and President Teddy Roosevelt have all been satisfied visitors. I was happy to share the same experience, and today I’m remembering the splash of the hot water and how all the weariness from a 10 hour travel day seemed to melt away.

Now I plan to use those memories to wipe away the weariness of inclement winter.