Trifecta – A Spring Tulip

Trifecta II

Trifecta II

While I was in Illinois this last week attending to my mother’s care – it was a middle-of-the-night phone call from the hospital kind of trip – my Spring bulbs appeared in all corners of the yard. They were a happy sight when I pulled into my driveway, nodding their ‘hellos’.


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  1. Those are beautiful shots; (I’m glad to hear of your mothers improved health.) We got the first tulip in the yard today and what I love about it… is it always happily surprises me. When I look at your first shot – that’s the exact same emotion that comes to me. bravo.

  2. What a beautiful sight, after that middle-of-the-night call from the hospital. (I’ve been there myself many times, and know what that feels like.) God timed your tulips to bloom just right–a perfect Welcome Home.

    I’m glad to hear that your mom is doing better, too!

  3. Your trifecta reminds me of my favorite flower – the trillium. It’s a beautiful shot. Soon the trillium will be out and about.

  4. Pretty pics, sorry to hear about your mom’s woes:(

  5. bold slashes of the paintbrush. nature’s mercedes benz

  6. montucky says:

    I’m glad to see your mother is doing better! That’s the kind of good news to have!

    That tulip is a real beauty!

  7. aullori ~ congrats on tulip # 1.

    photo b. ~ the tulips were a real gift, you are right.

    gandalf ~ I love trillium too.

    bookbabie ~ thanks

    jpt ~ are you a poet, jpt? you should be!

    montucky ~ thanks

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