Tulips on the Square

Tulips on the Square at Wisconsin's State Captiol

Tulip Bed on the Square © 2010 Bo Mackison

We went on a brief foray to the Dane County Farmers Market in Madison this past Saturday. It was a gorgeous day, appropriate for May Day, and evidently everyone else must had the same idea. We began our morning by ducking into a little spot for a bite of breakfast (Bradbury’s — yummy!) and then we ventured forth towards the market.

I was briefly distracted by this beautiful bed of tulips — love that red fringe — and so I had to take a few photos. I liked how there was a streak of sunlight showing off a few of the flowers. Then I dodged a few hundred people in the first half of the first block while trying to check out the asparagus and spinach. We decided to turn around and head home before we’d barely gotten started. Too many people.

I think I may be a rainy day friend of the Farmers Market. It has gotten so popular that the best time to check out the produce and visit with the vendors is either when the market opens at 6 am or when it’s cloudy and chilly.

Might get my chance this coming weekend — rain in the forecast.

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  1. Only a photographer understands 6 am photo outings and enjoying the photographic opportunities when it’s cloudy and chilly! 🙂

    During my Texas trip my cousin kept apologizing that it was cloudy, sometimes even sprinkling. I told her that I really preferred it that way! She never really understood….

  2. Gandalf says:

    Great composition. I love the early morning sun. I’ll ber you get the pick of the produce if you are there that early.

  3. bookbabie says:

    Very pretty shot, and yes, the red fringe on those tulips is so cool!

  4. This is divine, I smile just looking at those tulips. Beautiful color.

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