Under the Dome

Interior Dome, Off Center

Capitol Dome, Off Center

Wisconsin’s State Capitol Building underwent an exhaustive restoration, beginning in 1988 and finishing in 2002, at a total cost of nearly 160 million dollars. The main objective of the project was to convert the Capitol into a modern working building for government business while restoring and preserving its original 1917 appearance.

If nothing else, the renovation gives me great photo ops when I get camera fever and want to avoid below zero wind chills taking photos outside.

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  1. I wonder why domes for capitol buildings? Beautiful dome this is, and a good idea for staying out of the cold. 🙂

  2. Gorgeous architectural detail. Love how you’ve framed this!

  3. It’s beautiful dome.

    I love all the curves in the way you framed this.

  4. I agree with Marcie. The framing of this shot is wonderful.

  5. . . .and you get to say you are going to the isthmus. Great gilding, too!

  6. It is so beautiful. Lovely details. I love to look for indoor treasures to shoot in the cold weather. But, I usually find myself outside anyway.

  7. That’s a beautiful dome! Somehow the sky doesn’t look as gray from in there!

  8. Beautiful dome with great detail. Bo your photos are always beautiful whether you take it inside or outside, even the weather is below zero degree.

  9. Wonderful colours, detail and comp with in this image. Great photo!

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