Washington Tidal Pool

Anemone in Washington State Tidal Pool

Green Sea Anemone © 2010 Bo Mackison

Tidal pool discoveries from our visit to Tongue Point on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington.

While we were climbing on the slippery, blue-mussel and seaweed mixture that is exposed on the shoreline rocks at low tide, we did see quite a few tidal pools. No star fish or hermit crabs or sand dollars, but there was quite a lot of floating yellow rockweed in the pools of water.

We also saw three pools that had green sea anemones. Even though they look like underwater flowers, they are animals. As prey moves past the anemone, it shoots a tentacle or two out from it’s hidden place and paralyzes its prey, typically a small fish or crustacean, with a deadly sting. Pretty, but not such pretty manners — if you’re a sculpin swimming by.

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  1. Very pretty! There’s so much beauty beneath the ocean. It’s a different and very complex world under the surface.

  2. Gandalf says:

    Beautiful, interesting and rather innocent looking. Was the pool dry or did you capture this animal fully underwater?

  3. Am always fascinated by life in the tidal pools. Beautiful!!!

  4. “Under the sea, under the sea!” So cool! And I don’t think it would be so fun to be trapped by one of those, no. But the color is really fascinating!

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