Whitefish Dunes

Whitefish Dunes State Park is on the Lake Michigan side of Door County, the large peninsula extending off the north-eastern part of Wisconsin. It has the only significant area of sand dunes on the western shore of Lake Michigan. The state of Michigan, 98 miles across the lake, sports much larger areas and much taller sand dunes.

Lake Michigan Shore

Lake Michigan Shore © 2008 Bo Mackison

Lake Michigan is the only one of the Great Lakes entirely within the borders of the United States; the others (Lakes Huron, Ontario, Erie and Superior) share with Canada. It is the largest freshwater lake in the US and the fifth largest lake in the world.

On Top of Old Baldy

On Top of Old Baldy © 2008 Bo Mackison

A boardwalk leads to the top of one of the older sand dunes, Old Baldy, protecting the plants on the sides of the dune while allowing visitors to get a great view of Lake Michigan.

Sand Dune Trail

Sand Dune Trail © 2008 Bo Mackison

The Whitefish Dunes and the Whitefish Bay area were home to eight distinct and significant Native American villages, inhabited intermittently from 100 BC to the early 1800s, and the site is protected and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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  1. You captured it all so beautifully. 🙂

  2. Gandalf says:

    Wonderful shots. I am particularly mezmerized by the first shot of the sand and the water. It is a beautiful mix of colors on both land and water.

  3. I had no idea that these lakes were this beautiful 🙂 (having never been to Michigan before, I was basing my ‘ideas’ of what the lakes looked like from Fargo, I think! LOL Don’t ask me why!)

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    Excellent photos, Bo. What a beautiful place!

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  6. Waving hello from directly across the lake! Love Lake Michigan:)

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