Let’s Work Together

bomackison1I have walked the long and sometimes challenging path of self discovery and healing.

The desert was my learning ground and healing space. I learned to explore the desert, listen to it, seek its gifts. Its mystery has transformed me – my mind, heart, and soul. More than I can ever explain.

And now, as an artist and guide, I’ve combined my life experiences in healing so that other women who seek guidance, healing and transformation can benefit. I offer a unique blend of practices developed by combining my life experiences with instruction from master teachers.

I’ve creatively woven these practices into supportive, gentle, soul-filled programs that include:

  • nature based experiences
  • focused self care practices
  • and gentle coaching

I work with women who:

  • crave a program they can fit into their life, one that supports them and is life affirming and soul sustaining.
  • want simple but effective practices that will provide the framework for promoting self discovery and creative growth.
  • want gentle guidance as they journey forward, guidance that offers self-searching questions with no right/wrong answers.
  • seek support as they move at their individual pace on the path of discovery and growth.

Could you be one of them? If yes, then you probably also:

  • love the idea of combining contemplative journaling, photography and/or mixed media
  • enjoy meaningful art projects and nature based experiences
  • want proven creativity coaching tips and practices so you can to create your personalized tool kit with resources you choose, create, and value — a set of resources you’ll independently use over and over as you continue on your journey.
  • are ready for calls to action that propel your dream to reality by creating doable, practical and realistic action steps, designed especially for you.

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