Cat Burglars Not Welcome!

Security in Belize © 2008 Bo Mackison

Owners in Belize City have devised an unusual way of protecting the entryways of their buildings from intruders. These metal detriments are seen on many structures, new and old.

I guess they must be fairly effective, and a lot cheaper than a wired security system.

This is a new office building in downtown Belize City in Belize, Central America

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  1. Wicked. I wonder though, if a burglar can sue if injured? Of course, this is in Central America and not the U.S. I’ve heard of high walls with broken glass on top (not U.S.). Like, ouch!

    Neat photo, Barbara.

  2. Cool shot! I love the composition AND the subject. What an original shot you got there.

  3. Remind me never to go sky-diving in Belize.

  4. I imagine the birds like it…could be their parking gargage…eh?

    Wow, you do have some photos I missed and some interesting words here! As usual I am not disappointed! You go girl!!

    So are you home now? I do not understand how you live in that cold climate. I have lived in Florida my entire life…as has all of my family.
    My sister recently moved to Tennessee and my family thinks she moved north. hee, hee.

    I responded to your comment on gypsy-heart about Secrets.:)

    I’ll be back soon. ~g-♥

  5. worthy of lonely planet

  6. That is an interesting way of keeping them out!

  7. And that helps?
    Interesting 🙂

  8. While in Okinawa, I saw stone/cinder block fences with broken bottles and such cemented on top.

    Nice shoot. Sometimes the answer is too simple for us to catch.

  9. awesome angle and perspective!

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