Flowering in the Garden

Crazy for Cosmos

Crazy for Cosmos © 2008 Bo Mackison

Cosmos is an annual plant in my Wisconsin garden. Cosmos were grown by Spanish missionary priests in their gardens in Mexico. The “orderly” plant inspired them to name it “Cosmos” which is the Greek name for harmony or the ordered universe.

Cosmos was originally found in Mexico and South America, but now is cultivated all over the United States. This is one easy plant to grow. It tolerates poor soil, harsh weather and neglect, though I try not to take advantage of its easy going nature. It even self seeds in the autumn, and comes back for more the next year.


Coreopsis © 2008 Bo Mackison

Yellow Coreopsis is one of my most prolific flowering plant, in bloom from late May through frost. Its common name is Tickweed because it’s seeds look like tiny insects, but it is more common to call this flower by its scientific name. It tolerates pretty poor growing conditions, and really thrives when cared for properly.


Ice Plants © 2008 Bo Mackison

These flowers are new to my garden, an Ice Plant. They are hardy, sun-worshippers that began their bloom in mid July and will keep the garden in a profusion of bright purples until frost.

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  1. Gandalf says:

    Gorgeous flowers. Your garden must be spectacular.

  2. what’s cool about your work is…not only is your photography awesome, but then you give descriptions that help with identification. Thanks!

  3. Such pretty pictures:) I have the purple flower in my garden. It’s ice plant, Delosperma cooperi. I have it in my rock garden. Actually, I have all of the same flowers in my garden!

  4. Very pretty, Bo!

  5. Beautiful pictures on these colorful flowers and info.I learn a lot from you.Thanks Bo.

  6. I had some success with ice plants and kind of wish I would have dug some up and brought to this new place. Cosmos is one of my favorite flowers. I agree with Gandalf’s comment — your garden must be spectacular.

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