The first bit of color popped up in my perennial garden this weekend, though it isn’t truly a perennial. It is the little one-inch Glory-in-the-Snow, a very early Spring bulb, and a member of the Lily family.

Glory-of-the-Snow Patch

The little mounds of flowers looks a mite lonely surrounded by all of the other dormant plants in the large bed.

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  1. Those little sparkly things on the flowers are pretty interesting. I don’t remember seeing that before.

  2. they are refreshing and a harbinger of more flowers to come. I wouldn’t mind if the others hurried a bit more to catch up.

  3. HeyJules says:

    What a cute little plant. I’ve heard of them but never seen them before.

  4. Very pretty. ๐Ÿ™‚ We have some color here now, too. Isn’t it wonderful?

  5. montucky says:

    What a pretty flower! I hadn’t seen it before.

  6. Sure can get you blood boiling to see a speck of color after all this cold and ice. Nice pictures and the colors are refreshing to look at.

  7. but still they turn their faces gamely to the sun.

    Up close, they’re so lush and sparkly, they look like they should adorn a big, tropical wedding cake.

  8. David ~ I don’t remember them being sparkly either. Amazing what I see when I stick a camera between me and the flower! ๐Ÿ™‚

    gandalf ~ the flowers are finally catching up, thank goodness.

    Jules ~ I’d never heard of the name. I had to sort through garden catalogs to do an ID.

    Robib ~ Wonderful it is!

    montucky ~ the bulbs that I planted last fall were the size of a pea.

    Preston ~ gray and brown do get old. This purple IS refreshing.

    amuirin ~ wow, on a wedding cake!

  9. maria Hopkins says:

    A flower I’ve never seen before, but it sure is pretty. Purple and blue flowers are my favorites. Do you think they’d do well in the Northeast?

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