Hello from Chicago!

Chicago postcard

Chicago Postcard ©2008 Bo Mackison

Spent a few fun days in Chicago recently. My eldest kiddo has lived half way across the country for the last six years – three years teaching in a high school in NYC and then three years going back to school for another degree once she realized she didn’t really want to teach for forty more years. And so now it’s time for job interviews. She just had several in Chicago.

Chicago is just a drive across the state line and then a few more miles from home. Sure beats traveling to and from New York. The last time we visited, we had a noon flight out of LaGuardia and finally flew out about ten the next morning. And no, the weather was fine. I won’t even try to rationalize why our trip took nearly 36 hours instead of six! There was no rational reason, though we heard a lot of excuses.

So I have my fingers crossed – my toes crossed, too – for a great job offer in Chicago.

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  1. That’s a great postcard… really gets across the feel of the Windy City 😉

  2. I’ve never been there but have good friends I met at Ghost Ranch who live right in downtown Chicago. I hope to get to visit them some day.

    BTW, sometimes it just makes more sense to drive than fly!

  3. Great postcard!

    I miss Chicago. It’s a fun city.

  4. Nice post cards. Clever shot.

    I can relate to your story about your flight being delayed. It makes you wonder why bother flying at that point right? You would have been home quicker driving. And sometimes it is just so random. It happened to me last Spring on a connecting flight from Charlotte to NY. I was traveling from Atlanta and I would have been home quicker if I drove.

  5. I love Chicago. I flew in to OHare and that place was like a madhouse. But the lake is nice and the art museum.

  6. I love Chicago! All fingers and toes are crossed and prayers being said – keep us all posted!

  7. Nice Chicago postcard.Hope the delay of flight won’t spoil your holiday and fun.

  8. Neat Chicago postcard. May your daughter land a great job and be able to stay close by. 🙂

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