Oak Leaves

rain drops to ice drips

rain drops, ice drops

All the world looks like it’s coated with a glaze. I wonder when the oaks will finally give up and drop last year’s leaves.

Soon it will be time to replace the browns in the landscape with greens. I did see quite a bit of the Irish green yesterday, it being St. Paddy’s Day, but that isn’t the green I’m waiting for.

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  1. brilliant.. this shot is so great it hurts a bit. just brilliant.

  2. Just waiting for the rising sap, to push last years faded canopy off the end of the the twig, not long now

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Amazing that some leaves survive the entire winter.

  4. Beautiful capture. 🙂

  5. Very nice shot !

  6. suehenryphotography says:

    So neat how you took what some consider a dreary subject (rain and dead oak leaves) and gave it a sparkle and bright outlook.

  7. Very beautiful. Lovely details.

    I’m ready for some green too.

  8. I hope the real green gets there soon. In the meantime, a beautiful photo.

  9. Beautiful photo! I’m far from being tired of seeing shots like that!

  10. Those are some very wet looking leaves. Great capture.

  11. solange foix says:

    Magnificent!!! great work…

  12. Wonderful color, wonderful work!

  13. Wonderful texture

  14. i like the water dripping off

  15. beautiful shot!

  16. I really like this one BO – great capture!

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