Orchids in Pink and White


Phalaenopsis Orchid – the Moth Orchid

This Wisconsin winter hasn’t been all that bad. Really. Even though we’ve had a fair amount of snow and a week or so of frigid weather, we are halfway through January and the days are growing noticeably longer. Today the temps climbed into the 30s. Even so, I was in the mood for a place warmer than 30˚, so I visited the warmest, greenest place I easily drive to  – the Bolz Conservatory in Madison’s Olbrich Botanical Gardens.

Ahhh! Tropical mist, lots of green plants, birds chirping in the background, a tiny waterfall trickling down a stone outcropping, orange and white koi swimming in the meandering water and . . . dozens of orchids. Nearly paradise!

I sat quietly on an out-of-the-way bench for the first half hour and let the misty atmosphere seep into my body, mind, and soul. Then I got out my camera gear and took photos for an hour – the first photos I’ve taken in a week.

I shoot almost every day, so a week away from the camera is unusual for me. All that greenery and warmth got me going again. A good thing.

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  1. that would certainly do it! That photo shows that you haven’t gotten rusty. Beautiful! I’m getting anxious for the first signs of spring.

  2. Beautiful composition and detail. I find orchids challenging to photograph and think you have handled them quite nicely. 🙂

  3. So beautiful!! Each and every one of these buds is more exquisite than the next. So artfully captured!!!

  4. So so pretty!

  5. Famously beautiful.

  6. Wonderful detail and color Bo, very nicely done !!

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