The New President and First Lady, in Tune with the Nation

Singing the National Anthem

Singing the National Anthem

Of course, I did not go to the Inauguration. I watched it at home on the television, but I had to take photos of the big event anyway. So this photo comes off the ABC News feed from the television. I must admit though, I’m a bit pleased that I managed a photo that looks as if it’s been double exposed.

The President and his wife are singing the National Anthem, just minutes after Barack Obama is sworn in as the 44th President of the United States.

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  1. The inauguration ceremony // after party looked like quite a get-together — i’m sorry i missed it

  2. What does it say about us that we took pictures of the pictures?!?!? Love this one. It really does look like a double exposure!!!

  3. As I watched the Inauguration, I thought about keeping my camera nearby to capture a TV photo. This is a great capture, Bo…. and the picture is worth more than a thousand words and certainly represents what Obama spoke about in his speech. Love this, indeed. I like the title you used: “The New President and First Lady, in Tune with the Nation” Excellent!

    Yes we can.

  4. Anna told me about this picture. Wow, great shot taken from the tv. Such an historic moment.

  5. Very cool, Bo. 🙂

    It was quite a day, wasn’t it?

  6. Pretty awesome what you can do with a camera these days. Nice shot.

  7. WOWOWOW! 🙂 You ought to send that picture to the Obama camp or CNN or one of the major news outlets, Bo! I bet they’d pay you big bucks for that shot. What a beauty! (And the inaugural, well…even though I didn’t vote for Obama (I voted Ron Paul…my conscious!…even though I had to write him in! LOL), I was so touched by the historic moment I was graced to live to see.

    MAN, this is one amazing country! I feel patriotic again! LOL

  8. Its a day that I will not miss for the rest of my life!

  9. It’s a pretty cool photograph, really.

  10. Oh wow, how did I miss this one?? It’s perfect. Is ABC the one that has Good Morning America? That’s what I was watching, and when they did the National Anthem they flashed a lot of shots of monuments and graves and other symbols. I’m trying to remember if this shot came through on GMA or not.

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