Blessed Be the Night People – A Mandala

© 2016 Bo Mackison

Blessed Be the Night People © 2016 Bo Mackison

A mandala for insomniacs.

Blessed be the night
people, awake and listening
to starsong by moonlight.

Monkey King Gate


Intricate Ironworks © 2007

Metal monkey kings
Arms curved, crowns atop their heads
Downtown protectors.

This gate was seen in downtown Indianapolis, found across the street from Monument Circle and Indiana’s State Capitol Building. Yes, I know that the intricate metalwork has a traditional pineapple pattern, but I prefer to imagine it as the monkey king gate. Can you make out the monkeys’ faces, each one with his arms curved over his head, crowns atop each head in the center of each panel?

What happy monkeys!

Photographed in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Acorn to Oak Tree


Oak Leaves, A Portrait © 2007

At the forest’s edge
An acorn has taken fruit
Four leaves, an oak tree.

This fledgling oak tree was photographed in Owens Conservation Park in Madison, Wisconsin in late October.

Autumn Yellows in Devil’s Lake State Park


Curving Stone Wall © 2007

Yellow maple leaves
Crunching and browning on road
Stone wall gently curves.

A perfect late October day for a road trip to Devil’s Lake State Park near Baraboo, Wisconsin. Autumn color is at peak and yellows and oranges stretch from forest floor to sky along North Shore Drive

Fungus Amongst Us


Lavender scallops
Fungus many layers deep
Gift on walking trail.

This inspiring surprise of nature was found on a path along the Black Earth Creek, a trout stream near Madison, Wisconsin. ( A magnificent stream!) Taken just before sunset on October 21, 2007. I’ve misplaced my fungus ID book, so if anyone knows the name of this lovely guy, please share.

Addendum: Mark tells me these are turkey tail fungi. Very well-named.